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Welcome to the Just One Ocean website.  We love the oceans, but they are in dire trouble.  Explore this site to find out more about the issues and perhaps even discover what you can do to help.

Animals Under Threat

The Saimaa Ringed Seal

July 5, 2014

Shearwaters show plastic pollution is out of control

April 11, 2014

Bluefin Tuna in Trouble

March 26, 2014
What Can You Do?

Plastic Pollution is a massive problem.  We use 300 million tonnes of the stuff every year and half of it we throw away after using it once.  Here are a whole load of ways that you can help reduce the amount of plastic from entering our ocean

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TuvaluTuvalu is an island nation in the Pacific.  Until recently it had never even seen plastic products.  Now the islands are literally covered in the the stuff as all their imported goods come wrapped in it.  They have no recycling and no way of getting rid of it.  Neither is it commercially viable for anyone to come in and remove it.  It is destroying the islands and the people who live there.  Find out more

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There are lots of images in our Ocean Images gallery.  Full sized copies are available to purchase and they are available for free to non-profit and conservation organisations

Latest News
Shark Finning

Chinese Government to stop serving shark fin soup

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A recent report from China reports that the chinese government is no longer serving shark fin soup at receptions.  It is a positive step forward but there is still a long way to go.

Source: CRI News    Image:  Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd

shark finsAbout half of the world’s trade in fins currently happens in Hong Kong.

Christine Loh, Under Secretary for Environment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, says the government has pledged to exclude shark fins from menus at official receptions. Read More

Plastic Pollution

4.8 Million LEGO pieces still coming ashore …..history repeats itself

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Sources:  BBC News Magazine  and Mail Online   Image: Mail Online

LegoA recent report in the BBC News Magazine highlights the issue of 4.8 million pieces of LEGO, that were washed overboard when a freak wave hit a container ship in 1997.  It is estimated that around 3.2 million pieces would have floated, free to begin their inexorable journey around the globe on the ocean currents. Read More

Whales and Dolphins

Hong Kongs Dolphin Facing Extinction

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Rope on dolphin-1This report by Whale and Dolphin Conservation is all about the Hong Kong White Dolphin.  They are asking whether it is a nail in the coffin for the ‘White’ Dolphin.  Many years ago when I lived in Hong Kong we used to see these very obviously ‘Pink Dolphins’ reguarly on trips out to Chep La Kok Island, just off the New Territories.  The island also had an ancient archaeological site on it and I remember frantic digging going on in order to get as much information as possible from the island before it was destroyed.

Hong Kong relies on a huge amount of reclaimed land.  When Stone Cutters Island was ‘bridged’ and no longer became an island I was there.  I remember reading newspaper reports about the hundreds of fish that were found floating in an area that used to be supplied by water, but wasn’t any longer.

I also remember sitting on my balcony overlooking Chep La Kok when suddenly I saw an explosion.  The first of many as they literally flattened the island in order to provide material for landfill in order to make the new airport.  Did Hong Kong need a new airport ….. yes I’m sure it did.  But as with all progress in technology and society it is very often the apparently ‘small’ actions we take that have the greatest impact.  In order to have an airport in Hong Kong we flattened an histotric site and we have all but wiped out a species.  I’m sorry, but that is just wrong.  We are not God, and while we have the power in some circumstances to wipe out a whole species, it saddens me that we do not have the intelligence, after all this time, to take responsibility for all the other creatures on the planet.

"No water, no life. No blue, no green"

− Dr Sylvia Earle


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