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Welcome to the Just One Ocean website.  We love the oceans, but they are in dire trouble.  Explore this site to find out more about the issues and perhaps even discover what you can do to help.

Animals Under Threat

The Saimaa Ringed Seal

July 5, 2014

Shearwaters show plastic pollution is out of control

April 11, 2014

Bluefin Tuna in Trouble

March 26, 2014

Grassholm Island

March 11, 2014
What Can You Do?

Plastic Pollution is a massive problem.  We use 300 million tonnes of the stuff every year and half of it we throw away after using it once.  Here are a whole load of ways that you can help reduce the amount of plastic from entering our ocean

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TuvaluTuvalu is an island nation in the Pacific.  Until recently it had never even seen plastic products.  Now the islands are literally covered in the the stuff as all their imported goods come wrapped in it.  They have no recycling and no way of getting rid of it.  Neither is it commercially viable for anyone to come in and remove it.  It is destroying the islands and the people who live there.  Find out more

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There are lots of images in our Ocean Images gallery.  Full sized copies are available to purchase and they are available for free to non-profit and conservation organisations

Latest News
Shark Finning

You cannot kill protected animals and get away with it.

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Source: The Rakyat Post

Posing with a dead whalesharkAnother Whaleshark has been found in a local fishing market.  The last time we reported on this the fisherman, from China, said that the shark had broken through it’s nets and killed itself.  Baloney.  This time a woman posted images of herself with the whaleshark sending social media sites crazy.  I am not quite sure why the newspaper blocked out her face in the link?

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Plastic Pollution
Plastic Waste

Stores Giving Away 200 Million More Bags – A Comment

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We have a plastic bag problem in the UK. It is not just in the UK, this is a global problem; we seem incapable of carrying anything now unless it is in a plastic bag. I once saw a customer being offered a plastic bag when he purchased a lottery scratch card as the till assistant automatically came out with the worn out phrase ‘do you want a bag with that’. Worst of all was the fact that he took it. The problem lies both with the suppliers and the consumers.

Last year the UK Government finally announced that they were going to follow Wales, Ireland and Scotland and introduce a levy on plastic bags. Environmentalists cheered, whilst the big supermarket chains complained. They were convinced that they could reduce the plastic bags being given away through voluntary action. Unfortunately it didn’t work. A recent report, highlighted in the Daily Mail this morning shows that stores gave away 200 million more bags last year, bringing the amount used to a whopping 8.5 billion. Interestingly, I cannot recycle plastic bags in my home town, they will not take them, something that is I suspect common all over the country. So inevitably these 8.5 billion bags will end up in land fill or polluting our already over-congested environment.

Some time ago I made a suggestion to @Selfridges that they could make a stand by not selling water in plastic bottles and actually giving away free, clean, tasty tap water, and by charging for their rather lovely plastic bags. They have now stopped selling water bottles but with regards to the bags they were convinced it was a major marketing tool and that would not happen. They apparently had market research to prove this. I have to say, I find this hard to believe. Plastic bags as a marketing tool are only good from the point of leaving the store to getting into the car or walking through the door of your house. And in fact that argument is equally thin. Do people really sit on the tube in London wondering what to do and then suddenly a passing Selfridges bag gives them the inspiration to go shopping? No, I doubt it. I suspect if they want to go to Selfridges they have already decided to do so.

I do get the fact that retail outlets are scared. They don’t want to lose market share and they seem to think that by somehow charging consumers a small sum for a plastic bag that those customers will no longer shop in their store. Wake up. People shop in your stores because you have the products they want at the right price and you offer good customer service. They shop there because it is convenient, they like it and they want to, not because your bags are free.

Solving this issue will require education and a change in our behaviour as consumers, but it will also need courage and commitment from the retailers. Grow some, and make a difference to the future of this planet.

Whales and Dolphins

Dolphin slaughter begins at Taiji

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Source: The Independent  Image: Scuba Diver Life

Taiji Dolphin SlaughterThe controversial dolphin hunting season on Japan’s north-west island of Taiji has started, according to officials.

Confirming that 1 September marks the start of the season, authorities added that poor weather had delayed the killings.  While the dolphins will be hunted for six months, the hunt for small pilot whales – a type of small dolphin – will continue until April. During the notoriously brutal hunts, fishermen on boats surround pods of migrating dolphins, lower metal poles into the sea and bang them to frighten the animals and disrupt their sonar abilities.

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"No water, no life. No blue, no green"

− Dr Sylvia Earle
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